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We are an oriental medicine clinic offering acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.
Our medicine, rooted in holistic, natural healing, has evolved over thousands of years into a comprehensive system to improve physical and mental health, and maintain wellness.

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 We can help you improve your health by activating your own capacity to heal and thrive.
Safely and naturally — without the side-effects of surgery or pharmaceutical medications.

Katya Kudryavtseva
Katya KudryavtsevaAcupuncturist & Herbalist
Board Certified in Oriental Medicine


I am Katya — founder and practitioner at Artemis Clinic.

I work in partnership with my patients to help them improve their physical and mental health. I am a practitioner of a holistic healing system — Traditional Chinese Medicine. With Chinese Medicine we can activate the body’s inherent capacity for self-healing and self-regulation. We do not numb or micromanage the symptoms — we create the right environment for body and mind to heal. Chinese Medicine can be a valuable care option to overcome disease and stay truly well.

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