Chinese herbal medicine is the oldest, safest and most comprehensive system of medical care in the world. It’s a complex science with five thousand years of cumulative clinical practice by traditional Chinese physicians. At Artemis Clinic we use Chinese herbal medicine both as curative and preventive medicine.

Preventive approach

Traditional Chinese medicine has a robust tradition of  diagnosing and treating disease long before it manifests. Through various form of diagnosis we can detect subtle signs of weakness in vital organs and then treat them with appropriate herbal prescriptions. We also educate our patients on the basics of health maintenance through proper diet, exercise and mindfulness.

Curative approach

We use Chinese herbal medicine to treat a wide range of internal disorders. The length of the course of treatment can vary from 3 days to several months depending on the nature and severity of the condition. Results typically last a long time, especially if supported with preventive care.

Forms of medicinals

We prescribe Chinese herbal preparations in several forms:

  • High-potency dry herbal extracts (taken as tea)
  • Ready-made pills
  • Liquid extracts (appropriate for children)
  • Raw herbal formulas (to be cooked by patient)