Our patients love the unique approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“It’s a different kind of medicine.”

Holistic Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the interconnectedness of the body, mind, as well as the social, and natural environment. This principle permeates the entire treatment process.  We tell our patients not to expect their one complaint to get better — with Chinese medicine focusing on the whole you — everything will tend to get better.

Empowering Medicine

Chinese medicine puts the patient in charge of their health. Health starts with the basics: things that we “put” in our body — nutrition, and mind — our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. Our approach is very common-sense: moderation is key to good health. We educate our patients to take better care of themselves, which helps them stay healthy and happy on many levels,  for many years.

Natural Medicine

Chinese medicine originated from close observation and interaction with nature. Our herbal medicine is made entirely in the lab of Mother Nature. We look at our patients, and we see deviations from the natural order of things (aka disease). The intention behind physical stimulation of acupuncture channels is to stimulate the natural mechanisms of self-repair and renewal in the body — so that is comes back into its natural, disease free state.

 Modern Ancient Medicine

The 3-thousand year old Chinese medicine has stood the biggest test of all  — the test of time. A pharmaceutical drug can enter the market and be banned 10-15 years later due to its long-term side-effects. Western medicine is simply too young for the concept of “long-term”, which explains the levels of iatrogenesis (adverse effects, often unintended). Chinese medicine crystallized its treatment principles and methods about a thousand years ago — and they are known to be stable, safe, effective, and having minimal side-effects.

Perceptive Medicine

In the practice of Chinese medicine we focus a lot on the surface of the body to heal dysfunction on very deep levels. We form close therapeutic relationships with our patients — listening, looking, palpating, feeling, healing — all to have a clear insight into what’s happening in the internal organs, and on the more subtle, energetic levels.

Mind-Body Medicine

Human beings are both biomachines with intricate physiological mechanisms as well as psycho-emotional beings. We take into account the complex relationship between physiology and psychology — the physical symptoms and state of mind. Both are relevant and important. Such approach allows our patients to make quantum leaps in healing — both of their bodies and minds.