Our treatment process is in line with our mission and philosophy to help our patients achieve a better level of health and well-being. Chinese Medicine works with natural physiological rhythms in the body which may require several months to restore. Our patients actively participate in the process by learning a new perspective on health and making necessary lifestyle changes. We offer treatment plans that include only acupuncture, or herbal medicine, or both.


Initial Appointment

During your initial appointment we will go over your health history and talk about your treatment goals. Our clinician will formulate a diagnosis and suggest a treatment plan best suited for your goals. An average course of treatment takes 4 to 12 weeks. If your treatment plan includes acupuncture, you will receive your first acupuncture treatment during this appointment, and your first three follow-up treatments will be scheduled at the time. If your treatment plan includes herbal medicine, you will receive your first herbal prescription within 2-3 days.


Your Course of Treatment

This is where your health transformation happens. The follow-up appointments are typically scheduled once a week, and can take place more or less frequently depending on your treatment plan. In addition, we will give you homework: nutritional, self-care, and lifestyle recommendations to augment the healing process.


Treatment Wrap-up

At the end of the course of treatment we will review your treatment progress, results, major changes in your symptoms and dismiss you from the active treatment program. At this point, a lot of our patients choose to continue into our Wellness Program, or go through another course of treatment focusing on secondary issues.


Life can be challenging in many different ways. Seasonal shifts, stress, life transitions — we are here to help you weather it all, with strength and resiliency. Our Wellness Program is a great way to maintain health and wellness. You can choose the frequency of your visits that fits your goals best.