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Patient Testimonials

A patient with chronic knee pain

Over the past few months I have been having an issue with Arthritis in my knees. I am only 60 years old but must have got it from wear and tear by jogging and playing sports for years. I recall making fun of the kids in the band at school and now years later I wish I was in the band. I have been told by 3 doctors there was nothing they could do for me as there was no cure for arthritis. I said what do I do and they said lose weight and watch what you eat…no real answer. I then started doing my own research and put a list together. Acupuncture was on the list. I met With Doc Katya and she told me that she could help me and said it would take about 8 visits. Prior to visiting the Clinic I had lots of pain and was unable to do things I like. Most of my pain was when I was sleeping. I would say by my 4th visit most of the pain was gone. To this day I can’t believe it as its almost like a miracle. If anyone reads this trust me it works and I highly recommend it. Also, the Clinic takes most Insurance and you will be greeted by Gretchen the Care Coordinator and they make a great team together. I am not an over religious person but I would put Doc K’s work up there some where between the most regarded doctor and god. Takes Doc K for giving me my life back!!!!

A patient with sciatica

I started acupuncture to alleviate sciatica pain. After many years of trying everything from cortisone shots to physical therapy, I started treatment with Katya. After a few sessions I felt so much better. I am now sleeping better and have a significant decrease in pain and have better range of motion. I am getting my life back. I was skeptical at first and am so happy I made that first appointment.

A veteran with chronic back pain

I had back surgery 1975 which removed disc and fused spine, been in pain over 40 years, can’t sleep good, driving, relaxing, back is always in pain. I tried many different procedures over the years and nothing worked until I found Katya. I never thought i would enjoy acupuncture, I love it. I highly recommend to go see Katya. Five Star

A patient with headaches and other types of pain

Katya is a excellent acupuncturist. My husband had a stroke this year as well as finding out that he has high iron (ferritin) in his body. Since his fall from the stroke he has had experienced a lot of bad, bad, headaches. Katya has relieved his headaches, as well as other pains he has had in his body from previous injuries. She is excellent! Extremely knowledgeable. Katya also takes a huge interest in her patients, and helps them get better in any way that she can. She is a very caring person. I am so grateful to have found her. Would highly recommended!

We specialize in treatment of acute and chronic pain

Back Pain

Low back pain
Spinal stenosis
Degenerative disc disease
Disc herniations
Sciatic pain

Muscles and joints

Neck pain
Traumatic injuries
Post-surgical pain
Frozen shoulder
Rotator cuff pain
Tennis elbow

Neuropathic Pain

Trigeminal neuralgia
Regional pain syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Peripheral neuropathy
Shingles/post-herpetic neuralgia


Tension headaches
Post-concussion headaches
Cluster headaches

Why Get Acupuncture Treatment at Artemis Clinic

How acupuncture works for pain

Acupuncture addresses pain on multiple levels. Mainly, it helps restore the body’s own pain management system, while improving the health of nerves, joints, muscles, circulatory, hormonal and nervous system. Our treatment is not a temporary fix, more like a ‘software upgrade’ for the body.

Added bonuses of acupuncture treatment

If, on top of your pain, you have poor sleep, and suffer from stress anxiety, it is much harder for your body to regulate pain on its own. Acupuncture is an excellent antidote for stress and insomnia. After a few treatments you should see improvement in the quality of your sleep, feel more energetic and resilient to stress.

Why you should try acupuncture before drugs, injections and surgery

Western medicine offers pain management solutions that are temporary at best. The downside to most conventional treatments is their side effects that are wearing down the body. Pain medications are toxic to the body. Steroid shots can lead to long-term tissue damage. Surgery, unless clearly indicated, can lead to less pain, but greater disability. The uniting factor in these treatments is their invasive nature. Acupuncture treatment is minimally invasive and generally has no side effects. If you ever thought: “Why can’t my body just fix this pain on its own?”, we recommend that you try acupuncture. Our treatment helps to push the body toward a greater state of health, allowing you to go back to doing the things you love.

Common Questions & Answers About Our Pain Treatment Program

Am I a good candidate for acupuncture treatment?

We will be happy to meet with you and determine whether acupuncture is good option for you during your initial free consultation. Request one now, or call us: (603) 399-6600.

How long do I have to be in treatment?

During your initial free consultation, we will give you an estimate as to how long of a course of treatment you may need. The more pain you have, and the more chronic it is, the longer the course of treatment. Our general recommendation is 1-3 treatments a week. Acute conditions take 1-8 weeks to resolve, chronic conditions may require longer treatment.

Do acupuncture needles hurt?

They really don’t. We work with each patient individually to make their treatment very comfortable. Most of our patients fall asleep during treatment and feel like acupuncture is the most relaxing part of their day.

Does insurance cover acupuncture?

A lot of plans cover acupuncture treatment. We are currently in network with some plans serviced by Harvard Pilgrim, Anthem, BCBS, UnitedHealthCare, Aetna and Cigna. Please call your insurance carrier to verify your coverage. Affordable treatment plans are available to patients without acupuncture coverage.

Meet our team

Katya Kudryavtseva, LAC
Katya Kudryavtseva, LACAcupuncturist & Herbalist
Board Certified in Oriental Medicine
Specialist in Auto-immune and Inflammatory Conditions

Passionate about offering life-changing solutions to challenging health problems.

Gretchen Baker
Gretchen BakerPatient Care Coordinator
Always ready to help and answer any questions.
Give us a call or send us a text message: (603) 399-6600.

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The treatment process at Artemis Clinic begins with a complimentary, one-on-one consultation with our clinician. This consultation allows us to briefly assess your condition and determine whether you are a good candidate for treatment. We’ll answer your questions and explain the next steps in the treatment process.

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