Our mission is to empower our community to live healthy, fulfilled lives.

We use holistic, natural medicine to heal the body and mind, helping our patients feel and be their best — in their own bodies, relationships, and life. 

Our Healing Philosophy

We practice holistic, natural medicine

We take all aspects of health into account and treat diseases with minimal interventions. Our medicine is safe and gentle. It is not a reductionist, magic-bullet type approach. We recognize the complexity of the whole you, and activate your innate capacity for self-regulation and healing.

We focus on prevention and wellness 

Our medicine is excellent for maintaining wellness. We help our patients stay strong, resilient, and healthy through stressful times, seasonal shifts, and life transitions. We also educate our patients on how to take better care of themselves, so that their health span lasts as long as their life span.

We foster inner freedom and empowerment

The state of mind is intricately related to how we age, heal and live our lives. We help our patients elevate themselves above suffering and disempowerment. We believe that a positive outlook, inner strength and freedom are the best fuel for healing and transformation.

We strive to evolve the field of healthcare

We offer truly individualized healthcare where we take the time to connect with our patients, treat the root cause of illness and focus on prevention and wellness. Simply in this and many other ways Chinese Medicine has a lot of potential in helping us solve the health problems that we face today as a nation. Through patient education and collaborative work with other healthcare providers we hope to contribute to the evolution of the field of healthcare.

We aim to heal the planet, one human at a time

Healthy vibrant individuals who live their life’s purpose can bring tremendous benefit to the community and the world. The values and healing practices that we share with our patients are rooted in one simple truth: we are all connected, and global change can start within one single person.