Have you ever wondered that a diseased state of mind may not be simply a product of your personal history and a dysfunctional brain? What if the real causes were deeper and broader?

The state of mind is rooted in the body more than you know, and more than western medicine understands. What if the major contributors to mental disharmony are these factors: the quality of blood, immune and gut health, metabolism, sleep, and the state of internal organs and systems. What if the important key to having a peaceful mind and a productive life is rooted deeply in the body?

Try our mind-body approach to mental health

Chinese Medicine, having to its advantage millennia of clinical empirical practice, recognizes that mind and body are intricately connected: thoughts and emotions can create disharmony in the body, and internal environment of the body can equally affect the mind. At our clinic we use this unique framework to diagnose and treat mental-emotional disorders using 100% natural medicine: the one that your body can produce — your own “happiness” hormones and the one that nature has produced — in form of classical herbal formulas.

How we can help

The primary mode of treatment is Herbal Medicine. Our gentle, Japanese-style based Acupuncture is recommended as a supplement to rebalance the nervous and endocrine systems. Besides directly addressing mental and emotional ailments, our treatments plans are aimed at:

  • Reducing side effects of western medications
  • Improving therapeutic effects of western medications and other treatments
  • Empowering our patients to understand, manage and resolve their condition

Conditions we work with

With Chinese Medicine we can effectively address non life-threatening, chronic mental and emotional disorders:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Sleep disorders
  • ADHD
  • PMS
  • OCD

Wondering if Chinese Medicine can help your condition?

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